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Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description


North Bay Outfitter PRO lund

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Fish in Style in the nicest tournament fishing boat we've got. With 200 horsepower and a pro kicker this is truly an upper class boat made by the experts at Lund. With two Lowrance Fish finders equipped with solid GPS and topographical mapping, we are able to track down those illusive tournament winning fish. We do it in style! and we do well. So can you! Check out North Bay Outfitters or contact us today (705) 788 4220

Our Flagship

Fish in style in the newest member of our fleet. Our 2010 Crestliner has all the bells and whistles- with wireless trolling motor (24 volt), leather seats, 90hp four stoke mercury engine, colour fish finder, and more; this is truly the ultimate fishing boat. Combine it with one of our guides at $50.00 per hour and go after a variety of species of fish. Fishing doesn't get any better and neither do guide prices anywhere else. Call us today and we'll throw'er on the trailer and hook some giants. (705) 788 4220.

2011 Ice Cabin

Built new for the 2011 icefishing season, this "ice shack" is more of a cabin than a shack. Rented out for the very affordable rate of $80.00 per day/night per person all inclusive, it is the ultimate ice fishing experience. With woodstove, cook stove, bathroom, kitchenette, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, six holes, wood, minnows, two king sized beds, a futon, and other ammenties included, ice fishing doesn't get better or more affordable. This cabin easily sleeps six and is always ontop of a great hole to ensure a sucessful trip. Perfect for the whole family. Book the Hooked Young ice cabin today!

Portable shack Ice fishing

Sometimes mobility is key. With a snowmobile and a few portable shacks the sky is the limit. Our guides can take you for a multitude of species just for the day. Heated by coleman stoves or candles these portables are very cosy and fish two people in each very comfortably.

Portable specialties include excursions for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Perch, Ling, Pickerel, and Whitefish. Very afforable rates with guide; outfitting available as well.

Our Lund!

This is the official Trapper fishing boat at your fingertips. It is 16 foot long with a 50 horse fourstroke Yamaha on it. It's been used for many great outings and tournaments. Whether we rely on the silent trolling motor or the deadly accurate fish finder, whenever we've been out in this boat we have always had great success. She's a beauty! Book her today for cheap! 

Our Four Winds Bowrider

New in 2008, Our black and white, 16 foot fourwinds, is number one for cruising and comfort. Easily seating seven people, we cruise it up and down canals, from lake to lake, into town for ice cream, whatever your feeling. It can be used for swimming or just to get out and spend the day on the water. combine it with one of our friendly staff and have a great day outdoors! she is all yours!

Our Tin Bin

This is the original. Every fisherman, at some point in their lives, should grace a tinner. This is ours. With or without the casting deck, this 14 foot aluminum, with a 15 horsepower fourstroke mercury on it, is always a solid fish. This boat creeps into spots larger boats only dream of and can fish a maximum of three people plus guide. Honestly this boat has caught more fish than any one fisherman could ever dream of catching. You'll head into a secluded lake for lots of hook sets then after some giants in bigger water. Book our Tinner today! Prices seriously don't get cheaper. We love what we do and sharing that with you is what counts to our staff.

Our Duck Boat


Even smaller than the tin bin, this two seater duck boat is the ultimate personal experience. For one person plus guide at a time only, we take this boat into the most secluded fishful lakes around. Perfect for a solo flyfisher, baitcaster, or spincaster, you'll get the most out of your personal experience and catch a ton of fish! It's got a 4 horsepower mercury on it so it really knows how to troll. Those spooky brook trout don't stand a chance with you in the front. Book our duck boat today!

Our canoes!


We have four of them, and they are all Algonquin park veterans. We usually throw them on top of our vehicles and drive down Hwy 60 into Algonquin park. The sights and fishing in the park are world class. Go camping, See moose, bear and deer, fish for lake trout, brook trout, bass, take some beautiful pictures, or just go for a paddle. the sky is the limit when you have 4 canoes, and overnight trips of six people or more are not uncommon. Corporate team building, man missions, or outings with friends or family into the park will never be forgotten. What are you thinking? lets do it!

Our Kayaks!

We have two of them, and they are a whole lot of fun to paddle around the lake. Both are solo kayaks and can be used on almost any water body. Again, we usually cruise them into Algonquin Park alongside some canoes but the sky is the limit. We can drop them off at your doorstep to cruise your own lake for the weekend or meet you at the waters edge and show you the ropes. Let us know what's up this weekend!

Our peddle boat!

Complete with canopy this little guy is great for two people to catch some rays, go for a swim, or wet a line. Cruise it around Mary lake and see what you've been missing. It can even fit mom and dad with two little ones with life jackets on the back. Fun for the whole family!

Ranger Bass Boat

22' Ranger Bass Boat powered by a 225 mercury optimax. This thing SHREDS. Number one on the water in tournaments for sure. Tough to beat us to the spots! Book The Ranger and catch tournament winning giants like Mitch Raven.



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