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Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description

Our Team

Tomas Gadomski

Owner. North Bay Outfitters
130 Lakeshore Dr
North Bay, ON P1A 2A8
(705) 840-0083

Professional tournament fisherman, Motorboat guide, Biggest Salmo distributer in Canada, affordable fishing gear and professional service

Hometown: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Born: July.20th/ 1970
Favourite Lures: Salmo Slider, Salmo Sting, Salmo Chubby Darter, Wirek in-line spinners, Secret soft plastics
Favourite Lake: Talon, Nosbonsing
Favourite fish to go after: Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye

Tomas has been fishing since day one. Since he was a little boy he began developing his skills as an angler. Today he has numerous top ten tournament finishes, he is the proud owner of North Bay outfitters, and He has captured some giant fish! Fish many people only dream of catching, or even seeing! Including several muskies over 50 inches, pike over 40 inches and walleye by the hundreds! literally. Tomas takes pride in catch and release tecniques and is a seasoned veteran in all aspects of the fishing game. Head in to North Bay outfitters and see him today! Amazing products and friendly encouraging service. Also, look for Tomas on top 10 Pike leader boards all over Ontario.



Pete Brailsford

Hometown: Port Sydney, Ontario
Born: December.3rd 1976
Favourite Lakes: Muskoka, Ontario, Lake of Bays, Rosseau
Favourite lures: Buckshot spoon, Blackfly spinnerbaits, Rapala original minnow

Pete is a seasoned veteran fisherman with over 25 years experience fishing and guiding. He loves heading out with a variety of people in seach of big fish and good times. As an active member of the community, Pete gets along with all kinds of different circles of people. He loves heading to the Ganaraska river in Port Hope to slam steelheads and also to lake Muskoka in seach of monster Pike, Pickerel, and Lake Trout. He loves adventures, new spots, and different water. Look for Pete hook setting giants and putting clients on giant fish this season! Great guy, fun teacher.



Kyle Ledrew

Veteran tournament fisherman, Nitro guide, Pickerel specialist, Expert Pike fisherman

Hometown: Parry Sound Ontario, Canada
Born: February.21/ 1980
Favourite Lures: Live Target and In-line spinners
Favourite lake: Georgian Bay, Lake Muskoka
Favourite fish to go after: Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Pickerel

Kyle is one of the great fisherman of his generation. He has introduced many of the members of our team to secret locations he has fished for years. Kyle knows where the trophies are and takes pride in catch and release. He has fished in over 30 tournaments with some excellent finishes and is notorious for winning the "big fish" pool. When competitive tournament fisherman see Kyle's boat they all recognize it and get a little nervous. He throws big baits and is relentless with his casting until he captures the big ones. On Many occasions on big water Kyle has had to boat at max speed to shake tails of competitors following him to his spots. One of Hooked Young's newest and most valuble members. Look out for the name Kyle Ledrew on many Top 10 result boards for tournaments in 2011.



Zoe D.

Aspiring Fisherwoman, Push Button Specialist, Hooked Young poster girl
Favourite Lakes: Vernon, Scugog
Favourite Lures: Worms, Minnows, Rapala Original Minnow
Sponsors: Trapper, Custom Bucktails
Zoe has been on the water and near the water since before she could walk; today, she straps on the life jacket and away she goes down to the dock. On the dock or in the boat, she loves spending time in the sun with family and friends. Her mom and dad take her on camping trips all over Canada adventure seeking and wetting lines. Soon she'll be showing up the big boys, casting spinning rods and catching giants. 



Tron (Luke Walton)

Canoe, Motorboat, River, Trail, Ice fishing, Camping, and tour guide

Hometown: Port Sydney Ontario, Canada
Born: February.14/ 1988
Favourite Lures: Rapala original minnow and Williams spoons
Favourite lake: Dymond and Kenneth
Favourite fish to go after: Lake Trout, Northern Pike

Luke is studying to be a paramedic. He is certified in first aid and has lived in Port Sydney most of his life. He is passionate about the outdoors and loves to go on adventures. Volunteering with the Huntsville Lions club on a regular basis, Luke is an active member of the community and an exceptional people person. Over the years, playing lacrosse for the Huntsville Hawks has developed Luke's leadership skills earning him not only the Mark Simmons memorial leaderships award, but rookie of the year as well. He's a leader, a great guy, and known to many as "the funniest guy in Huntsville"

Chip (Chris Waldock)

2010 90hp Fourstroke Crestliner boat fishing, tournament training, canoe, camping and river guide. Tournament Fisherman, Lifeguard, first aid and CPR certified.

Hometown: Huntsville Ontario, Canada
Born: February.9/1989
Favourite Lures: Rapala Twitchin' Rap, Rapala J-11 jointed minnow, Bluefox and Mepps spinners
Favourite Lake: Vermilion and Vernon
Favourite fish to go after: Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Northern Pike
Best Tournament finish: 1st Place- Huntsville Pike Challenge 2008

Chip is our youngest, yet one of our most talented guides. With many top ten tournament finishes under his belt, He is an experienced tournament angler. If there are fish in the water, and no one else is catching them, Chip is usually the guy that shows up and shows you how. He grew up in Whitby but has always had a cottage in Muskoka where he now currently resides on Lake Vernon. When he's on the water, Chip takes pride in putting his clients right on top of those fish of a lifetime. Look for Chip on Top 10 Finish lists all over the Province of Ontario.

Justin and Jeremy R.

Tournament Anglers, Icefishing Specialists, Hooked Young poster boys,
Favourite Lakes: Scugog, Simcoe, Mary
Favourite Lures: Worms, Minnows, mepps, bluefox spinners 
Sponsors: Trapper, Custom bucktails 
Justin and Jeremy are addicted to all things outdoors. Ever since they could fit into lifejackets and hold superman pushbuttons, they've been fishing up a storm all over Ontario. Learning most of their techniques from their Dad, they have become excellent fishermen. They hope to do as much fishing as they can this year and show the old guys how its done.


Tom Waldock

2010 90hp Fourstroke Crestliner boat fishing guide. Camping, canoeing, tournament training, icefishing, trail, photography and tour guide. Tournament fisherman and Certified Lifeguard. Fundraiser.

Hometown: Huntsville Ontario, Canada
Born: Feb.5/1986
Favourite Lures: Mepps, bluefox spinners, PK Ridgeline Crankbait, PK flutterfish, Blackfly spinnerbaits, Pappy's Plastics, Spinnerbaits
Favourite Lake: Vernon and Dickson
Favourite fish to go after: White Sturgeon, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Bass

    Best Tournament Finish: 2011
  • • 1st Place- 2011 Bay lake Top50 Pike
  • • 5th place- 2011 Mary Lake Top50 Pike
  • • 4th place- 2011 Cache Bay annual Pike 244 boats!
  • • 4th place- 2011 Nepawasi Top50 pike
  • Leading Top50 Pike series 2011 Rookie of the year
  • 1st Place- 2010 Huntsville Pike Challenge
  • 1st Place- 2010 Top50 Pike Tournament, Huntsville Ontario
  • 2nd Place-2010 Mary Lake Lions smallmouth bass, Huntsville Ontario
  • 6th Place- 2010 Top50 Pike Classic. Pakes, Lake Nipissing

Tom graduated from Nipissing University in 2008. After four years of studying biology, he moved to British Columbia to work at a fish hatchery in Sechelt. For a year he gained valuable experience working in the aqua culture and fisheries industry before returning home to Huntsville. He is the driving force behind the Huntsville Aquarium initiative and would like nothing more than to eventually open and manage it. He is passionate about guiding and adventures outdoors but he is even more dedicated as an educator and environmentalist. He thinks big and wishes to cater to the public at large while educating them on fisheries biology, animal ecology, sport fishing and the importance of conservation for the future. Taking one or two people to a lake at a time just isn't big enough for Tom. His ultimate goal is to bring the lakes to the masses, open the Huntsville Aquarium, and change the way people look at the water.

Canoe, Trail, Rock climbing, Camping, and Motorboat guide
Hometown: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Born: July.4th/ 1982
Favourite Lures: Rapala Dives to Minnow, Mepps and Bluefox Spinners, Spinnerbaits
Favourite Lake: Buck lake
Favourite fish to go after: Brook Trout, Northern Pike
Colin is a one of a kind guide. Growing up in the GTA, Colin always loved coming north for anything and everything outdoors. With a family cottage on Lake Vernon, and friends on Buck Lake, he has become very familiar with the area over the years. Also, Colin is very familiar with Algonquin Park and knows some secret spots for finding those very elusive giant brook trout. In a big group, Colin is always the guy on point finding the best routes and setting up immaculate campsites. If your into camping and remote areas, this guy knows his stuff and is always eager to share knowledge and have a great time outdoors.      

Dave Misty
Canoe fishing, Canoe, Camping, Snowshoe and Trail Guide
Hometown: Huntsville Ontario, Canada
Born: May. 14th/ 1972
Favourite lake: To many to list
Favourite Park: Algonquin and Quetico
Dave is our most experienced guide and is our head consultant surrounding all camping and canoe trips. Since he was a boy Dave has escaped into the wilderness in search of adventure. As an avid canoeist and nature lover, Dave has been on countless trips all over Canada. He is the type of guy that leaves only footprints in the wake of his travels and confidently claims to have never littered once in his whole life. Whether your cruising down a slow rolling river, or crashing through whitewater, Dave is the best guy to have with you in a canoe bar none. He is passionate about conservation and loves to see all kinds of people have fun outdoors while staying safe and respecting our environment.

Dubs (Drew Wearing)
Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario. Canada
Born: January.18/ 1989
Favourite lures: Rapala original minnow, Mepps Spinners, Rapala jointed minnows
Favourite Lakes: Vernon and Bella
Favourite Fish to go after: Northern Pike, Pickerel, Bass, and Salmon
Drew has lived in Huntsville his whole life, with cottages on Bella Lake in Huntsville and on Lake Huron at Ipperwash beach. He grew up fishing lakes in the Muskoka area including Algonquin Park on multiple canoe trips with his family. After graduating in 2009 from Fanshawe College, Drew has worked in Muskoka with various contractors. Drew loves to be active also being a member of the Huntsville Hawks Jr.B lacrosse team. He won the Mark Simmons memorial leadership award and the Kirk Evans award in minor. He is a great guy on and off the water taking pride in watching the people around him succeed and have fun. With Hooked Young, Drew has been one of our most enthusiastic and energetic guides to date. Book him today and SLAY!

Peter P

Canoe, Motorboat, River, Trail, Ice fishing, Camping, and tour guide

Hometown: Huntsville Ontario
Born: March 8th/ 1988
Favourite Lures: Panther Martin Spinners and Williams spoons
Favourite lake: Lavieille and Joe
Favourite fish to go after: Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Walleye
Peter has grown up fishing in and around Algonquin park. He has just finished school at Sir Sanford Fleming College where he took the Fish and Wildlife program as well as Forestry. He was awarded lumberjack MVP two years in a row and last year won the Stihl Collegiate Challenge. Peter has worked at the Portage store on Canoe lake for the past three years as a guide and outfitter which has helped him gain valuable fishing knowledge of the area. Currently he is working for the Algonquin Forestry Authority where he continues to expand his knowledge of the park and its lakes.  

Berend Peereboom

Tournament Fisherman, Canoe, Motorboat

Hometown: Dunnville, Ontario, Canada
Born: December 7/86
Favorite Lures: Gary Yamamoto Senko, Strike Zone Slammer, Lucky Craft Sammy, Terminator Spinnerbaits
Favorite Lake: Three Mile Lake (Utterson) Lake Erie
Favorite fish to go after: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Channel Catfish, Trout.
Best Tournament finish: Many 1st place club tournaments, 5th place on the 2010 Hank Gibson Provincial Qualifier on Lake Erie/ Niagara River

Berend is currently working at Huntsville Home Hardware and if he is not at work he tries to be fishing. Berend grew up in the Niagara region and has come up to go camping and fishing in Muskoka and the Kawarthas since he was a little kid. He has become familiar with many of the lakes in Central Ontario. Berend Moved to Muskoka in 2009 and loves it up here. Berend loves the outdoors and has a good knowledge of the outdoors and of the  Ecology in Ontario. Berend plans on going to school for Fishery and Wildlife at Sir Sanford Flemming College.

Mitch Raven

Tournament Angler, Ice Fishing, River, Canoe, Camping, Motorboat. Certfied in First Aid and CPR

Hometown: Gravenhurst
Born: May 6, 1984
Favourite Lures: Buckshot spoons, Gary Yamoto senkos, Strike Zone slammers, Bass Magnet twitch, B.M. tubes, Terminator spinnerbaits, Megabass popmax topwater, Lucky Craft jerkbaits
Favourite Lakes: Lake Muskoka, Lake Morrison, Sparrow Lake, Kahshe Lake, Lake Joseph, Lake of Bays
Favourite Fish to go after: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Ling ( just kidding ), Pickerel, Lake Trout, Rainbow

Few 1st place Muskoka Bassmasters finishes, Many 2nd and 3rd finishes. Competed in the Hank Gibson Qualifier for team Ontario. Mitch is a local contractor in muskoka and has been self employed in the area for 6 years. He has also worked for and with other high end builders in the area. Currently he is working for J.L.Contracting. Mitch just loves being outdoors. He can't have enough outdoor adventures, through hunting trips, camping retreats or fishing excursions. This very friendly, well mannered, "angler" is an legion member and an active member of his community. Also he is the Conservation Director for the Muskoka Bassmasters which he has many project ideas that will help our Fish & Wildlife. He plans to return to school to study Fish & Wildlife at Nippising and eventually become a Conservation Officer for the MNR. Keep your eyes posted on the Competitive Sport Fishing League, Bassmania results for 2011 top finishes. Mitch and his partner Berend are quite eager and will be tough competition!!

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