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Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description

Signature Series Lures

Through Blackfly Lures, Wirek Lures, PK lures, Trapper, and North Bay Outfitters, We are proud to have our own lines of signature series fishing lures. These dressed trebles, in-line spinners, and spinnerbaits are due alot of credit on the tournament trails. Designed with competitive fishing in mind, these beauties are years in the making; catch more fish. Shipping included anywhere in Canada on orders in excess of $50.00.

Fluorocarbon Pro Leaders- Quality 30lb flurocarbon. Keep your presentation invisible but prevent pike from breaking you off! Our pros have been using these for years and they work so well we might as well mass produce them for our friends! Unlike steel or titanium leaders, when your lure is suspending the light fluorocarbon keeps from weighting the nose of your bait down. They are invisible and nearly unbreakable. They've made all the difference for us on the tournament trails. Since switching from steel we've caught more fish! You can too. Order yours today. Two leaders per bag. At $4.99 for Quality fluorocarbon you can't go wrong. Custom ties and weights avail.

1/8 ounce PK flutterfish. Available in these, as well as other colour patterns, this, the smallest version of the flutterfish has also been one of the deadliest. It can be used through the ice and also in open water; vertically jigged, casted, and every presentation in between, the action on the flutterfish is incredible. Catching fish redefined, one flutter at a time. Order yours today by calling (705) 788 4220 or by visiting www.pklures.com

Bad Bobber Big Boy Bucks- Produced on size 4 treble hooks, these are the ultimate for big game. Until now, We kept them a secret as each one is hand tied and professionally designed by pro fisherman Tom Waldock. His favourite colours and tournament winning patterns revealed. Natural and dyed deer hair with feathers, Flash, and Style. Especially behind an In-line Spinner or large minnow bait, Pike and Musky as well as other large game species have a tough time saying no. Even when they aren't in an eating mood, fish are drawn by the meaty bucktail treble hook from their deepest darkest hideouts to investigate. With tournament fishing in mind, these treble hooks were designed to be unlike any other presentation in the world today. In some areas, especially where there is high fishing pressure, Fish can see alot of fast moving baits and get used to saying no. These bucktails however, touch the past as a classic but embrace the future as a never before seen innovation.

When the strike happens its like none other, You set the hook and your drag screams towards the depths. You try hard to stay calm and keep the line tight, you get your first glimpse of the fish and it almost scares you; All of a sudden the largest fish you've ever caught is in the boat with a bucktail in its mouth. It upgrades and keeps happening to us in different areas. Whether its a fishing charter, a tournament or simply a lure purchase, The Hooked Young Team takes pride in sharing with you. We dare you to go fishing with these. $5.00 each.

TWBB01 - Sorry Pike
TWBB02 - Nipissing Giant
TWBB03 - Cache Bay
TWBB04 - Mouse Boy
TWBB05 - Sorry Musky
TWBB06 - Thanksgiving specials
TWBB07- Straight Blood

Hooked Young Signature Series Spinner baits - Everyone has their favourite kinds of spinnerbaits. These are ours. Many top ten tournament finishes have come from using Blackfly lures. Our whole team uses them now. Without Blackfly spinnerbaits, many of the largest tournament pike over the years never would have been caught. On fishing charters, many of our clients are instantly impressed with the lure design; combine that with six or seven fish in the boat and the client is hooked, just like our tournament guys have been since day one. Doesn't matter how you retrieve them in many cases and thats what makes them so versatile for anglers beginner to expert. Throw it in the water, reel it slow, reel it fast, twitch it, let it sink, doesn't matter, fish nail it. The skirts are attached with wire so they never slip down the hook shank. The blades are in a "hatchet shape" causing the bait to vibrate more and give the skirt more movement while flashing at the same time. $10.00 each autographed by Tom Waldock. Tournament winning patterns and blades available no where else in the world.

Available patterns

TWS01- White with Gold Blades

TWS02- White with Red Blades

TWS03- Black with Gold Blades

TWS04- Black with Red Blades

TWS05- Brown Green Holo fleck with Gold Blades

TWS06- Brown Green Holo Fleck with Red Blades

TWS07- White'n'Yellow with Gold Blades

TWS08- White'n'Yellow with Red Blades

TWS09- Orange'n'Yellow with Gold Blades

TWS10- Orange'n'Yellow with Red Blades

Dressed Treble Hooks
- Attach them to your in-line spinners, spoons, or minnow baits and see the difference a custom dressed treble makes. The following patterns are produced on size 1 hooks. Custom patterns and sizes available. $3.50 each or 3 for $10.00

TW01- Vampire
TW02- Shartruse
TW03- Bumblegold
TW04- Ten Point Grouse
TW05 - Kettchup n' Musstard
TW06 - Superflash
TW07- Hotpink
TW08- Orangetruse

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