Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description
Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description


Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description


The Team at Hooked Young continues to grow as do our professional relationships on and off the water. Each member of Hooked Young is intergral in their own way to daily operations. All are trained professionals in their fields and were handpicked to join the team and represent Hooked Young to the highest degree of professionalism.

Custom aspirations of adventure are fulfilled daily, specifically suited to benefit all parties involved. Having huge family ties, the Hooked Young team approaches business like family. Once your in, your not just a client or a partner, you become a member of our family and will always be treated as such right from the beginning. From fishing charters, to retail sales, we are only satisfied if you are. Your satisfaction is paramount and we'll work hard for you in every aspect of business and pull out all the stops to keep you involved and stoked on all things Hooked Young.

The following are some of our most popular packages to choose from. Again, Custom events are encouraged.

Activities are all inclusive but you are more than welcome to bring your own gear if you like.

All ages accommodated. (our guides are excellent babysitters).

Outings are planned around your group’s capabilities.

Questions? Call (705) 788 4220 to speak with a service representative right away.

Ice Fishing Package 1- Portable shacks

The sky is the limit with a fleet of these easy up portable shacks. Each heated shack fishes two anglers very comfortably and we've got alot of them! Groups of up to 30 people can be accomodated. Available mid December to mid March depending on ice conditions, these are the ultimate mobile fish traps. As the fish move seasonally on a variety of lakes, so do these shacks. We strictly employ seasoned veteran guides and spots to ensure the highest catch rate possible. Chase after Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Perch, Pickerel, Whitefish, Brook Trout or Ling with us for best results.

Ice Fishing Package 2- The Ice Cabin

Click the "boats/gear tab" to read more about the Hooked Young Ice Cabin.

Spring and fall river fishing package

At certain times of the year the rivers are on fire! In spring they fill up with rainbow trout that range from about 1lb. - 20lbs. Depending on the clarity of the river, days with 25 trout landed are not uncommon. We set you up with a pair of waders, a noodle rod, and show you the ropes! Our river guides know every rock and bend and have fished these spots for over 20 years in some cases. You'll learn a ton, and be ontop of some GIANT great lakes rainbows. Depending on the melt and water conditions, for best results book between March.15th and May.24

In the fall, Salmon and brown trout work the same way! They are up to spawn and when the season opens for them in the rivers its a roit! For best results book between mid September and the end of November. Same rates for Rainbows apply to Salmon and Brown Trout.

Boat Fishing Package 1- Tinners and duck boats under 50 HP

Sometimes the big boats just cant make it into those little lakes or down those narrow canals where those hard to get fish are hiding- but these boats can! They also accomodate lower price ranges. You might not be fishing in style in a big boat but you'll still be catching fish with a professional guide having the time of your life. Book a Tinner or a duck boat anytime during the open water season for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Perch, and Panfish. Great inexpensive outings. See the "boats and gear tab" to read more about our boats.

Boat Fishing Package 2- Crestliner, Lund, Ranger, Four Winds, Nitro, above 50HP

Head out on one of our big boats in style for a variety of species. Click the "boats and gear tab" to read more on our individual boats. Reserve your boat charter anytime during the open water season for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Whitefish, or Panfish. These boats are top of the line and catching 20 fish or more is not uncommon with our experienced guides behind the wheel.

Tournament Training Package

Want to learn how to fish tournaments like a pro without the expensive entry fees or time constraints? Head out with one of our tournament pros as your teammate and learn the ropes from your tournament boat with a pro as your partner. Big-time tournament fishing with no pressure! Go for Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Pickerel, or Northern Pike and see if you measure up.

Organise one boat and practice or book a friendly tournament with a group of two boats or more.
8:00-3:30 just like the real thing.
One person, One Pro. Jump in one of our tournament boats and see how you do at the weigh-in.

$175.00 per boat for single day tournament.
$350.00 per boat for two day tournament, overnight accomodations included- Waterfront chalet.


With a fleet of canoes and a bunch of seasoned veteran park guides, your looking into the trip of a lifetime. Without hesitation the Hooked Yound team can assure you that this trip will never be forgotton. Go for Smallmouth bass, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, and Whitefish in places most anglers only dream of finding. You'll catch fish everyday guarenteed, have all your meals cooked for you, and campsites set up in style. 12 person capacity, trips up to two weeks long All Inclusive with guide(s).

$140.00 per day per person


Our company is currently building and we have a full schedule of tournaments, events, initiatives and fundraiser's where your sponsorship will pay off though advertisement, environmental concern, payout, and general effort by us on your behalf. Our staff are professional, hard working, reliable, easy to get along with, outgoing; the sort of people you want working for you. So let us- We can start by working out a small arrangement and go from there. Sponsor our tent at a fishing tournament, slap some prizes on our tables, donate your services, jump on one of our boats and go fishing; whatever you do to help, however little, will be worth it when it comes time for us to represent you where you need it most. contact us. We'll answer all your questions and set something up that is good for all parties involved.

Donate to our causes: The Huntsville Aquarium initiative, The Children's Aid Society, and The Cast for Kids Foundation. A contribution to any of our worthy causes is greatly appreciated and can be done so anonymously. We have lots of funds to raise and every little bit helps.

Donate your products: We'll field test them, put them on prize tables at tournaments, give them away to clients, provide objective insights and get your products and promotions into the public eye.

Funding: 365 days a year we work hard for our sponsors and continue to exceed their expectations. We build long lasting relationships and this is your one stop advertising opportunity. On the water, off the water, online, during public events, in our retail store, on stickers, shirts, boats, trucks, through word of mouth, etc. This opportunity includes full representation/advertising, product sales, full access to all of our services, and a pledge to support your company in any other way you should require. Let us work for you. You won't be disappointed. Sponsorship prices are annual. Sponsors may sign up for a minimum of one year for any of the following. Contact us for arrangements or discussion in further detail.

Sticker spot (1000+ handed out annually) $300.00
T-Shirt spot(300+ made annually) $500.00
Tournament Jersey Patch(Small)
(Full Front)
Tournament Boat Deco(Small)
(Full Front)
Tournament Truck Deco(Small)
All of the above $15,000.00

Funding supports annual administration, printing, gas, tournament registration, accomodation, and insurance fees.

The Right Sponsorship - Good for us, good for you. Support eachother, Support green initiatives, and look forward to tomorrow.

TV Series
Our guides and videographers, in cooperation with WACU Media Productions, are working on a series of outdoor episodes, each one having a unique twist and taking place in some of the most wild and beautiful places on earth. More to come!

On the Environment
More to come…

The spots are producing giants so far this year! DO NOT miss out on the fish or the prices.

The Huntsville Aquarium Initiative
The ultimate goal is to bring our group to a permanent commercial base. The majority of the revenue generated through current company output is put towards this initiative. Architects and engineers are working hard designing a state-of-the-art educational facility to be built in the Huntsville area. The aquarium will provide a multitude of positive output and will cater to educational studies, class trips, supporting companies and associates and the public at large. The focus is to promote environmental education and practice looking towards a brighter, greener future.

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Outdoor Adventures Huntsville_description